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4 Ways Clean Air Can Boost Your Hotel Business 

Marketing clean air to potential guests allows hoteliers to charge a premium nightly rate while showing you care about their health and safety.
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After 18 months of a global pandemic, your guests are tired: Tired of staying at home, tired of working from home, and tired of not having a real break. As a responsible hotelier, you understand that COVID-19 is here to stay. Now it’s time to find ways to live in this new normal but still offer the best experience to your guests.

It’s not surprising that indoor air quality has become a more pertinent topic in the past year. But,  it has been a long time coming. A report by the EPA found that our indoor air quality can be up to five times as polluted as the air outside. You might decide to stick to the cleaning aids and routines you’ve established in the past year or so, but now is the right time to implement new tools that will improve and automate your systems and introduce new growth opportunities for your business. 

This is where technology can help out. In the past year, numerous companies have introduced new essential solutions to help mitigate COVID-19 risk, both for businesses and individuals alike. At the top of this list, is the growing demand for air purifying systems. Air purifiers can drastically reduce the potential airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria, disinfect the air, and remove micro particles including allergens and pollutants. Doing so allows guests to breathe freely while vastly improving indoor air quality. You’re not just installing purifiers but installing trust as guests and staff will have a more enjoyable experience knowing they are breathing healthy air. Additionally, management will have a new type of leverage for marketing assets and efforts. As a result, you can raise prices accordingly and increase your profits to surprising new heights. 

Improve Sleep

If your guests are tired, a surprising benefit of clean air is improved quality of sleep. Air purification systems can eliminate allergens and other harmful particles in the air enabling guests to enjoy the best sleep possible. Nick Lorusso, Hilton Hartford’s general manager, is one hotelier who installed an air purification system in his Connecticut hotel. The feedback from guests, he says, is very positive: “It’s been amazing. Such systems can really be a differentiator in our industry. It’s not only about mattress comfort or breakfast variety anymore. Our guests want to live a healthy lifestyle, and I can see them paying a premium rate for such rooms. I now understand how the air quality in our rooms can impact the guest experience and sleep patterns.”

Reduce odors

Odors are another common reason guests complain about their rooms. It can be hard for hotel staff to find the source of strange smells, and it’s even harder to guess which guest will be sensitive to scents. When a guest’s hotel experience is tarnished by polluted air, their overall customer experience and the likelihood of a return visit diminishes significantly. Sophisticated air cleansing solutions can help eliminate unpleasant smells and boost clients’ satisfaction immediately and in a fraction of the time/cost of replacing or deep-cleaning furniture in a room. 

Increase Rates

Guests like to know when they are in good hands and are content to invest more in a safer experience. In fact, 52% of customers are willing to pay more for a hotel room with improved indoor air quality, according to a Carbon Lighthouse study. It’s not just wishful thinking, hotels that have installed air purifiers in their rooms are already charging nightly rates that are between 5 to 7 percent higher. It’s an extremely effective way to improve the quality of a room and charge a premium for guests who would like to enjoy clean, healthy air.  

Customer Engagement

You can also utilize clean indoor air to create a more personable and sustainable experience for your guests and set your brand apart from the competition. Besides installing such technologies in your business, you can share real-time statistics about indoor air quality with your guests. That way, you can keep them in the loop and be the transparency advocate your customers wish you to be. 

As we all know, hospitality is more than a call-and-response type of business but a long-haul game. Winter is around the corner, and with it, likely an additional wave of COVID-19 variants and regulations. At the same time, it can be expected that a number of travelers will still be eager for a change of environment. Instead of standing still once again or relying on better seasons of business, take action now and make the most out of this unfortunate situation on your terms.  

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