3 Key Ways Hotels Can Upgrade Their Gym Facility in 2018


More and more travelers, especially millennials, are making decisions that align with their passions and beliefs. In fact, 75 percent of millennials said they would pay extra for sustainable products/services according to a recent Nielsen study. For hotels, sustainability might first bring to mind reduction in food or energy waste associated with the guestroom, event spaces or on-site restaurants. But an often overlooked space that could benefit from a sustainable update is the hotel fitness center. This article from SportsArt discusses three ways that hotel owners can take their gym facilities to the next level by going green and supporting sustainability.

1) Save energy

Whether it’s installing motion detecting lights that turn off when no one is in the gym or installing LED bulbs that last longer, the first step is rethinking the hotel gym's lighting situation. Hoteliers could even take installing sustainable utilities to the next level by adding efficient heating and/or cooling systems as well as energy-friendly appliances.  Water efficient fixtures and energy efficient lighting can reduce costs by up to 30 percent and 75 percent respectively. There are even cardio machines now available to the market that allow equipment users to convert their movement into utility grade energy. For instance, one hour on an elliptical machine can generate up to 160 watts of energy. A built in micro invertor, that works like any solar panel or wind turbine, captures up to 74% of the guest's workout energy and deposits the energy created back onto the grid used to power the gym and the hotel. Gym participants can view not only how much energy they've personally created but also can view a dashboard where cumulative results from all gym equipment users is displayed.

2) Create a one of a kind experience

Recommend apps that guests can use on their mobile device to keep track of all the stats from their workout session that can then be shared on social media with family and friends. For example, this app tracks your workout journey and the amount of energy produced (when using the corresponding equipment). When installed in the equipment itself, it also allows users to virtually workout in any setting, by allowing users to pick different locations that are displayed on their screen that moves along with their workout. Adding these unique incentives give guests a reason to return to your hotel. Even going the extra mile to offer services that aren’t typical at hotels such as fitness classes, bike rentals and electric vehicle charging stations can all help to draw in the sustainable and fitness conscious guest.

3) Use smart materials

Think more about what you use to clean your facility – there are a multitude of green cleaning products to choose from and they are all proof that one small change can make a large difference. Green cleaning products offer many advantages such as a purer environment and better air quality. Many cleaning products release harmful chemicals into their air when they are being used and come in harmful packaging. Green products come in recyclable packaging and are made with natural agents and essentials oils, eliminating harsh chemicals and their odor. Also, consider what type of flooring, workout mats and paints that you use and how they’re maintained. Using cheaper materials results in less durability, which means more replacements, faster. By incorporating smarter and higher quality materials into your facility you have less risk of deterioration, resulting in money saved over time. Eco-friendly paints offer many of the same benefits as green cleaning products – no harmful odors, chemicals or added solvents.

Don’t be afraid to add sustainability as a selling point – many guests choose their hotel based on shared values and showcasing the ways in which your property is being eco-friendly could attract a whole new crowd.

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