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Zinwave, Cheytec Partner to Offer End-to-End Solution

Zinwave, a global provider of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions for in-building wireless, announced a partnership with Cheytec Telecommunications that will allow it to offer a complete end-to-end solution to its customers. The partnership will enable customers to proceed with in-building cellular installations and accelerate the timeline to design and deploy an in-building solution.

Under the partnership, equipment that was previously only available directly to the wireless operators will now be part of Zinwave’s solution offering, which will ultimately unlock and fast-track in-building wireless opportunities to provide cellular communications to the end customer. Cheytec will license the RF base station and radio equipment necessary to bring cellular wireless signals into DAS sites for in-building applications, such as an airport, hospital, university, hotel, corporate campus or high-rise office building. The licensed radio hardware is the same high-quality equipment provided by the top two base station OEMs and used by all four of the major Tier 1 US mobile operators, providing a high-performing commercial-grade network at a low cost.

In addition to offering a unique end-to-end solution, Zinwave provides “future-ready DAS.” Zinwave’s in-building wireless DAS solution utilizes all frequency bands between 150MHz - 2700MHz on a single hardware layer, allowing future DAS-tenants and/or spectrum to be added without additional DAS hardware.

Building owners and management who want to use cellular coverage as a selling point to attract and retain tenants will appreciate the ability to bring coverage in from the operators of their choice. Mobile operators will also benefit from the deal, as their networks will receive additional coverage and capacity at minimal cost to them. Combined, Zinwave and Cheytec deliver a strong value proposition by delivering a fully functional solution to the property owner and the operator with attractive return on investment.

Zinwave is rolling out the new offering immediately, beginning with its own headquarters in Dallas.

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