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person holding a tablet that is asking for a tip

Is Your POS to Blame for This Top Customer Complaint?

Tipping culture in America is changing, and Americans have a lot to say about it.

Hospitality Technology magazine is asking our community for their help in writing a story on the recent tipping culture war that is taking over the nation! 

Perhaps you’ve heard of “tipflation,” “tip creep” or “tipping fatigue.” Regardless of what you call it, Americans have taken to social media to complain that they’re feeling more pressure to tip – often via POS touch screens – for an ever-expanding set of industries.  

Is tipping fatigue directly affecting your employees?

What’s your strategy for coping with this current complaint among guests?

Do you use POS software that encourages guests to tip?

Do you think POS software that automatically asks for tips has created an anti-tipping culture war in the USA? 

Take our brief (7 question) survey and share your thoughts on this topic!


(Note: This survey is open to both operators and technology solution providers!)

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