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Yanzi Announces Social Distancing Dashboard Free of Charge Through August

A recent Memoori report pointed out that, “Occupancy analytics and indoor location-based services will be a key platform for buildings adapting to the new reality.” With this in mind, Yanzi is announcing the availability of a social distancing dashboard to address the critical need for enhanced analytics brought on by the Covid-19 crisis. As business leaders begin to contemplate bringing people back to workplaces, the need to ensure their health and safety has never been more paramount. Robert Redfield, Director for the CDC, emphasizes this in saying, “Social distancing is one of the most powerful weapons against Covid-19.” Everyone is grappling with what our new normal will look like and what tools will be needed to support re-opening of offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and more.

Yanzi's social distancing analytics offering is is part of a layered defense approach. By providing visual queues around occupancy patterns, users can quickly identify where guidelines aren't being adhered to and whether de-density measures may need to be enforced. There are default values built in so no configuration is required but customization is an option. Yanzi is making this available to customers free of charge through August. For more information please contact us at [email protected].

Screenshot of Yanzi office space showing violations of social distancing.
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