Worldwide Guest Review Analysis of First Quarter 2022 Shows New Expectations Towards the Hospitality Industry

Based on 22.7 million guest reviews worldwide in the first quarter of 2022, the new “Pulse of the Industry” report by TrustYou provides information about actual desires from travelers after a period of immense change in tourism.

Dedicated to helping hospitality companies win through the power of listening to direct guest feedback, TrustYou contextualizes the world’s biggest database of guest reviews for the first time in a quarterly rhythm. The aim is to enable all hospitality providers to adapt their offers immediately based on the change of markets.

Building on the success of the annual TrustYou Review Insights Reports covering global and regional reviews, this new report offers current insight into industry trends as it happens. The shortage in qualified employees, rising utility costs, as well as the consequences of the pandemic still affect international travel massively. To understand client expectations, hoteliers and tour operators depend on reliable, extensive, and easily accessible data, which can help them to evolve appropriate services and work out a competitive advantage.

TrustYou bar graph

For the first 3 months of the year the evaluations of this report show among other things, that vacationers put more value on sustainable tourism offers and are ready to pay more for them. It also confirmed that reality is in line with expectations, with travel recovering at an accelerated rate.

Globally, the 151% increase in review volume from Q1 2022 compared to Q1 2021 emphasizes that the industry is coming closer to the pre-pandemic numbers. This growth is mainly due to countries lifting or easing travel restrictions and a huge appetite for traveling as a result of a period of inactivity for travelers in the last two years.

As many events affect only parts of the world the “Pulse of the Industry” report is divided into regional and global dimensions of developments and can be downloaded for the regions APAC, EMEA and USA here.

A deeper look into the data as well as possible options on how to handle the situation will be given during the following month through the TrustYou LinkedIn Live Streams.

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