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WiFi Top Priority for Travelers

A Research+Data Insights survey found that complimentary WiFi came in second only to cost when considering booking a hotel stay. That’s why Red Roof Inn is taking their WiFi service to new levels at their hotels across the country, testing and then boosting the ability of Red Roof hotels to increase WiFi to high speeds -- speeds that will allow guests to stream their favorite movies, video games and music when staying at a Red Roof property. To date, properties in Statesville, NC, Washington DC-Manassas and Syracuse, NY have been audited, verified and qualified for certification based on their audit results.
“Fast. Free. Verified. That’s our goal for Red Roof WiFi across the country,” says Andrew Alexander, President, Red Roof. “We have listened to our guests and have responded to their immediate needs when choosing where to stay. Whether it’s a business traveler who needs WiFi to stay connected on the road or a millennial who wants to stream music or play video games, high speed WiFi is integral to today’s traveler no matter who they are.”
The Verified WiFi initiative is starting now in a test phase. Red Roof has already upgraded at some properties and will start communicating that to travelers with advertising on properties that have billboards with the “Verified WiFi” logo touting “Fast + Free.”
The Research+Data Insights survey found that 80% of economy travelers have a more favorable opinion of a hotel offering complimentary WiFi with guaranteed speeds. Red Roof intends to offer those guaranteed speeds at all properties in its 470+ portfolio. Sites that may soon have Fast. Free. Verified. WiFi (currently undergoing audits) include Buffalo-Niagara Airport, Pittsburgh South – Airport, Ann Arbor – U of Michigan North, Chicago – Willowbrook, Austin South, and Nashville Airport.
“Red Roof is investing in upgraded systems,” says Marina MacDonald, CMO, Red Roof. “And we expect a return on investment: more satisfied customers who will have unlimited streaming options as well as increased bookings and additional RediCard memberships…….ultimately enhancing our reputation as an upscale economy brand.”
The Research+Data Insights survey also found that millennials are two times more likely than other age groups to stream video or music and play online games using hotel WiFi. So Red Roof is encouraging travelers to visit their Fast. Free. Verified. properties in Statesville, Washington, DC and Syracuse this summer where they can quickly download and stream their favorite sites and music apps including Netflix, Amazon Video, Apple Music, Spotify, and video games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

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