When Traveling, 48% of Americans Would Like to Use a Mobile App to Book Tours/Sightseeing Tours Affiliated with their Hotel

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When Traveling, 48% of Americans Would Like to Use a Mobile App to Book Tours/Sightseeing Tours Affiliated with their Hotel


The summer is finally here and for many this means the perfect time to go on a well-deserved vacation. One of the fundamental aspects of the holiday experience is the hotel. Choosing the right one can be difficult, but individuals ideally want a hotel that makes their trip relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Interested in the hospitality sector, Taxi2Airport.com analysed the latest findings from market research firm YouGov, who surveyed *1,116 Americans to determine the hotel guest processes (e.g. check-in/out, room services etc.) they would prefer to conduct over a mobile phone rather than doing so through the conventional means.

Taxi2Airport found that Americans would most like to access a map of their respective hotel and the surrounding area (63%) via a mobile phone. Thereafter, 58% are keen on using their mobile device to book a hotel restaurant reservation.  

48% of holidaymakers seeking to sightsee and explore, think it will be easier for them to gain information and book tours/cruises/activities (affiliated with the hotel) that are of interest on their cell phone than doing so in-person.

Interestingly, 40% would choose to use their mobile to mark their hotel room as unoccupied for cleaning, as opposed to hanging the ‘please make my room’ sign outside the door.

For travellers conscious about their spending, 38% are in favour of a mobile phone application that would enable them to monitor as well as pay for purchases around the hotel - such as drinks at the bar or souvenirs from the gift shop.

Credit: https://www.taxi2airport.com/   

Opposingly, just 29% are open to utilizing their mobile phone as a means to enter their hotel room. Equally, 29% desire the ability to access and control hotel appliances (e.g. lights, air conditioning, entertainment system etc.) over their cell phone.

Furthermore, Taxi2Airport also sought to identify from the study the services *1,210 Americans are interested in paying an additional charge for to make their hotel stay more pleasurable and memorable.

It was discovered that majority of Americans would happily pay more for the option of flexible check-in/check-out times (74%). Subsequently, 58% don’t mind forking out a premium for paper-less check-in (i.e. self-check-in kiosk).

To achieve good-quality sleep, 57% of American venturers would splash out an additional sum on a better bed and/or pillow (i.e. memory foam pillows).    

Moreover, 47% would gladly pay an added charge to access a 24-hour digital concierge – so their needs can be attended to around the clock. 

Contrastingly, only 28% are enticed to spend more on a dedicated pet concierge service (i.e. dog walkers). Slightly above, 34% would pay an extra amount so they can borrow books from the hotel library (should the hotel have one) throughout the duration of their stay.

*For the ‘hotel guest processes Americans would prefer to use a mobile phone for’ proportion of the research, 1,116 Americans were surveyed

*For the ‘services Americans would be interested in paying an additional charge for’ proportion of the research, 1,210 Americans were surveyed

Credit https://www.taxi2airport.com/