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What Makes HTNG Unique?


In today’s world of seemingly limitless options, there also seems to be an association for everything. It is more important than ever for every company to differentiate themselves by highlighting distinct strengths. The not-for-profit trade association, Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), separates itself through three areas:

1) Membership & Leadership

2) Workgroups 

3) Events.

Members’ own words best illustrate HTNG’s mission. One member describes HTNG as: “The central point for technology-based standards in the industry, between disparate systems or as a minimum standard for certain areas of technology that may currently exist or may enter the industry in the future.”

Another explains that HTNG “creates a platform where all relevant parties can discuss and evaluate the current and upcoming requirements for making the technological side of hospitality safer, better and easier.”

Membership & Leadership

The HTNG community has more than 260 vendor companies, 90 hospitality companies and 60 consultants, holding an extensive range of expertise across various segments of hospitality technology. With HTNG, members not only have this vast collection of human resources, but also the ability to voice challenges they’re facing and work through the HTNG network to develop viable solutions and identify next steps forward. 

HTNG’s Board of Governors is the direction-setting body of the organization, consisting of 24 CIO-level executives from world-leading hospitality chains. Currently, 16 vendor representatives serve on HTNG’s Vendor Advisory Council to provide advice, guidance, recommendations and technical assistance to the board.

When asked how HTNG’s membership and leadership differentiates the association from others, a member responded, “The [organization’s] ability to bring together C-level people from the tech side of the hospitality industry and better understanding of needs and wants — versus being overly commercial like other associations.”


HTNG workgroups are the heart and soul of the organization; without these, HTNG’s mission would be dismantled. Workgroup participation derives from all HTNG member types who volunteer their time for the greater good of the industry. These workgroups take a current challenge in the industry, and through discussion and collaboration, create solutions for the industry. 


Members praise benefits of HTNG Workgroups:

“The open and collaborative environment to develop information in understandable formats to convey knowledge to membership and the hospitality industry. That collaboration enables close working relationships to be developed with leaders in the industry that live on beyond the workgroup.”

“For those who become involved in the workgroups and actively add their expertise and content — credibility and brand awareness are inherently created while working with industry luminaries.”


HTNG’s international conferences are much more intimate than other industry events with 200-250 attendees. Many individuals have built relationships with other members through workgroups and the overarching HTNG community. Attending events then gives these members that familiar feel and grows the opportunity to develop new or deepen current relationships.

HTNG conferences focus on industry collaboration more than the competitive nature that is often present in tradeshow environments. Instead of coming solely for buyer/seller leads, senior executives, product developers and other technology roles attend to discuss future direction, integrations and product strategy. It is important for vendors to develop business and partnerships with other vendors in addition to hoteliers. 

When asked, “What do you like about HTNG events?” One first-time attendee responded, “The casual and friendly atmosphere was excellent. I found the collaborative spirit between hospitality executives and vendors — as well as between vendors — to be amazing.”

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