VROMO Integrates With DoorDash To Increase Support and Options for Self-Delivery Restaurants

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

VROMO has teamed up with DoorDash, the nation’s leading last-mile logistics platform, to give restaurants the ability to better manage their own delivery operations. New England-based Papa Gino’s Pizzeria has just completed a full roll out to all restaurants offering delivery.


The partnership with VROMO means that restaurants, such as Papa Gino’s, can use their in-house delivery fleet to deliver orders received online or via POS, in the most efficient way possible. An additional feature of the VROMO system will allow restaurants to dispatch a Dasher, or courier, during times of peak demand in existing trade areas to help them maintain strong service levels and provide positive guest experiences. VROMO and DoorDash can also help restaurants expand to more distant delivery areas not covered by the in-house team.

The VROMO system offers route optimization, branded delivery tracking and restaurant messaging as a standard, to ensure an exceptional delivery experience for customers.

“Many restaurants have worked hard to build their own delivery offering, preferring to offer delivery in-house in order to better own the end-to-end customer experience or to create new opportunities for their existing staff. That’s why we launched Self-Delivery in November of last year, to help restaurants grow their business and fulfill orders in house,” said Casey North, Vice President of DoorDash Drive. “We’re excited to team up with VROMO to create even more options and functionality for restaurants who wish to fulfill delivery orders on their own. Through this integration, we hope restaurants can reach even more customers in order to strategically build their off premises business.”

New England-based Papa Gino’s is the first restaurant brand to use VROMO to manage its own delivery operation for its near-100 restaurants across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The trial proved a success for the restaurant chain, which celebrates its 60th birthday this year.

“Delivery is a big part of Papa Gino’s business, and there is nothing more important to us than making sure a guest feels like they get a 5-star guest experience when their food gets to their door,” said Tom Sterrett, Chief Executive Officer at Papa Gino’s. “We love the fact that VROMO allows us to manage our deliveries so we can provide our guests with the best experience possible, whether it’s using our own drivers or leveraging a great partner like DoorDash to handle overflow in peak times or to help us expand our delivery zones. This wouldn’t be possible without VROMO.”

VROMO helps restaurants to manage deliveries, thus enabling restaurants to retain control of the customer experience. As well as seeing real-time tracking of their food orders, customers can also receive offers and promotions directly as part of a restaurant’s customer retention and incentivization strategies.

“VROMO is designed to help restaurants to meet their customers’ high expectations when it comes to food delivery, and do so in the most efficient manner possible. We are delighted to partner with DoorDash and bring our solution to many more restaurant brands across the globe” said Alan Hickey, CEO, VROMO. “Working with the Papa Gino’s team has been a fantastic way to start the partnership. They have a significant driver fleet to manage, and they care deeply about offering an amazing delivery experience to their guests. We are delighted to help with that and to facilitate the DoorDash delivery support”

VROMO Driver app benefits at a glance include:

  • The VROMO Driver app, on iOS and Android, allows a seamless connection between you and your team. Drivers download the app to receive job offers, instructions and updates on the progress of jobs.
  • Restaurant teams and their drivers will have the option to chat with each other in real time on each individual order. Drivers download the app to receive job offers, instructions and updates on the progress of jobs.
  • Track live progress from a bird’s eye view of your whole fleet and make real-time decisions. The VROMO Driver app continuously sends location updates to the VROMO admin portal. 
  • Your data, your control. View all your jobs in the job list and see all your data on the map. Drivers download the app to receive job offers, instructions and updates on the progress of jobs.
  • Send live tracking links via SMS so that customers can track the drivers to their doors. No more anxious phone calls and more happy repeat customers.
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