Visual Matrix Continues Global Expansion through Partnership with Data Express Latinoamérica Across Central and South America

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Visual Matrix, a provider of advanced hotel property management technology, announced it has partnered with Data Express Latinoamérica across Central and South America. The pairing will provide local hoteliers access to a world-class property management system (PMS) with the necessary local tax and invoicing features for their business operations.

More than 2,000 hotel properties across 30+ countries use the Visual Matrix Property Management System to increase efficiency and drive revenue. By joining with Data Express, Visual Matrix is able to offer more flexible PMS options to both regions with accurate local tax calculation and reporting.

“The Visual Matrix team is very excited to work with Data Express Latinoamérica,” said Georgine Muntz, CEO of Visual Matrix. “Our company continues to provide highly effective PMS services around the world, and now we can extend that reach to allow hoteliers in this region to work more efficiently through our partner, Data Express.”

As part of the new partnership, Visual Matrix has completed an integration between its PMS and the platform created by Data Express. The PMS calculates the room rate, sends it to Data Express, and Data Express creates an invoice with the proper taxes on it. Additionally, Data Express provides hoteliers with a full tax reporting and filing system to keep all parties compliant within the various cities and countries.

“What a great opportunity to work with Visual Matrix to serve hoteliers across Central and South America,” said Juan Manuel Vera García, Presidente CEO of Data Express Latinoamérica. “With the combination of such adaptable property management solutions from Visual Matrix and the valuable electronic invoicing services from Data Express Latinoamérica, we are providing more effective options for hotels in these areas.”

The agreement with Data Express resolves a need that Visual Matrix previously identified in the region, indicating that many hoteliers there were unhappy with the limited choices for property management system solutions. One issue was that many of the select-service hotels throughout Central and South America have limited internet access and can’t always succeed with property management systems that are solely built for the cloud.

“These businesses now have access to our flexible, world-class PMS that will simplify taxation compliance by seamlessly integrating with the electronic invoicing solutions by Data Express,” said Muntz. “When you are producing a large number of transactions, and you are crossing multiple states, regions and countries, you need a sophisticated invoicing and tax reporting system. Because of the partnership between Visual Matrix and Data Express, hoteliers in Central and South America will have the system they need to stay compliant.”

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