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Virgin Island Resort Streamlines Guest Services with Maestro PMS

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort streamlines its guest-centric high-touch operation and guest services with Maestro Property Management and Sales & Catering. The Maestro Enterprise Property Management hotel software suite of 20+ solutions is the industry’s most robust and well supported system for independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups.  
“The Maestro System records an individual’s preferences in its guest history so we can anticipate requests,” said Katarina Doumeng, Director of Sales & Marketing.  “It is perfect for our high-touch operation. Maestro helps us know our guests and serve them as friends.”
Doumeng noted that The Resort uses Maestro to personally communicate with guests throughout a stay. “Maestro automatically sends personalized confirmations, ‘Welcome’ messages, and post-stay ‘Thank you’ messages. We also encourage guests after they leave to share their experience and photos on our Facebook page.”
More than simply a luxury Caribbean resort, Bolongo Bay manages its wedding groups in Maestro’s Sales & Catering System. “Brides want information right away. Maestro makes it easy to quickly respond with a proposal for their wedding,” Doumeng said. All group information is stored in one place. Resort staff can easily create rooming lists and propose amenities and venue options from Maestro’s one integrated database.
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