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Village Hotels Group Increases Upsell Revenue with Upsell System

British hotel chain Village Hotels has drastically increased their upsell revenue in their 28 properties across the UK with the upsell system UpsellGuru. Hotel guests have the chance to submit an offer based on the amount they are willing to spend on room upgrade a few days prior to their arrivals. The hotels receive the offers and have the option to accept or deny the room upgrade. Additionally, guests can purchase meal plans and other services and amenities.
The system is currently implemented in 21 hotels with full integration to Village’s PMS system Hetras. The upsell revenue will be surpassing £ 40.000 for the month of June and expected to be beyond £ 55.000 once all properties are rolled out. As an added benefit to further increase revenue and occupancy, the Standard rooms are freed up to re-sell.
“We are overwhelmed of the success of UpsellGuru for our properties. Upselling became a major source of revenue for our group. The quantity and quality of offers coming from our guests is beyond expectations." says Rob Paterson, Commercial Director of Village Hotels.
The idea of auctioning for upgrades is well received amongst hotel guests. Village Hotels is currently receiving around 1500 room upgrade requests and selling nearly 3000 extras per month.
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