Videotel Digital Signage Solution Uses QR Code for Touchless Interactive Technology

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

A new solution from Videotel Digital is transforming touchscreen signage into a touch-less alternative. Its newest solution turns mobile phones into interactive digital signs. With full remote control, consumers can now view and manipulate a signage display with the scan of a touchscreen’s QR code. Customers take a picture of the code, and the screen automatically transfers to their smartphone. It’s then used to navigate the touchscreen without actually touching it.

To limit physical contact, product information, discount coupons, interactive product demos, and something as integral as a restaurant menu are now controlled on a mobile device in real time. A dedicated website gives onsite customers mobile access to everything on the screen.

For restaurants, the new QR solution eliminates the need for printing one-use menus. Now a menu can be delivered to hundreds of mobile devices at once with a simple QR scan. 

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