Videotel Digital Debuts Cloud Mobile Connect: Cellular Media Player Connectivity

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Videotel Digital, a manufacturer serving the digital signage industry with a variety of interactive, touch-less, sensor-driven peripherals, reliable, affordable and simple out-of-the-box industrial-grade 4K digital signage interactive media players, looping DVD players and directional sound speakers, introduced Cloud Mobile Connect, a perfect solution for alternative connectivity.

Vidotel Digital’s VP90XD media player can be paired with StudioPro’s cloud service at NO additional cost to supply coverage in remote locations that do not have an internet connection, simply by using a mobile cell network hotspot device. The connection will work via any widely available 4G or 5G hotspot device and data service from any mobile cell network company, so no special data plan is required. Any hotspot device (no additional USB modem or SIM card is necessary) can deliver the needed internet connection to the VP90 via WiFi or Ethernet providing connectivity via StudioPros cloud service in locations that are out of range of traditional hardwired or WiFi internet connections.

Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s EVP of Marketing and Sales said, “Videotel Digital is pleased to offer an alternate connection method via Cloud Mobile Connect with our VP90 digital signage media player coupled with StudoPro to provide cloud service in locations that are out of range of traditional hardwired and WiFi internet connection options.”

To get started, customers must purchase a Videotel Digital VP90 media player to pair with StudioPro, their own data plan and hotspot device of their choice. That’s it. Far less costly than other vendors’ mobile cellular connectivity options with NO ongoing costs. 

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