Verifone Announces Comprehensive and Flexible Mobile POS Solution

Verifone has announced the latest addition to its mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) portfolio. The Verifone e265 offers independent and micro merchants the flexibility to accept all major payment types and integrate with smart devices for value-added commerce capabilities.
Verifone e265 is a highly reliable, durable, and compact mPOS terminal that can be paired with any smart phone or tablet. It enables merchants to bring globally certified card payment acceptance including EMV, contactless/NFC, mobile wallet and traditional magnetic stripe directly to consumers in any merchant environment—helping to bridge the gap in markets that are still converting from cash to cards. 
Merchants will have the ability to connect their online and offline sales channels by integrating Verifone e265 with any type of smart tablet. Tablet integration enables merchants to access ecommerce apps available to deliver digital coupons, loyalty and rewards during check out. In addition, merchants can increase operational efficiency by integrating with a variety of business apps such as those used for tracking clients and inventory.
Until now, many merchants have had to choose from two restrictive scenarios: use “fobs” or dongles that plug into audio ports with limited payment functionality, or be bound to a payment terminal that only supports one particular type of consumer smart device and operating system. Thanks to the Verifone e265, clients serving a diverse population of merchants worldwide, including independent and micro merchants, can offer greater choice, freedom, security, and speed to market. 
Verifone’s comprehensive eSeries mPOS solutions include the Verifone e355 which is popular among larger retailers that want to enhance operations, improve customer service, build loyalty, and boost their bottom line. Verifone recently announced partnerships with Samsung and Aava Mobile to offer the e355 to these large retailers that also require barcode scanning, customized screens, Wi-Fi connectivity and other capabilities typically needed in enterprise retail environments. 
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