Velociti Opens Technology Innovation Lab

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

With more than 25 years of being at the forefront of rapid professional installation and technology maintenance, Velociti Inc., a global technology solutions provider, opens the Velociti Innovation Lab to help enterprise businesses design the best technology plan that drives business agility and increased revenue. Created in response to the rapid rate of profound changes businesses are experiencing, the Lab gives enterprise companies the critical space they need to optimize their technology through a strategic comprehensive planning and design process. 

“We have created the ultimate technology playground for businesses to come and explore what technology best suits their unique needs,” says Deryk Powell, president, Velociti Inc.  “Our multi-disciplinary team of experts ranging from solutions engineers and project managers to configuration specialists and professional installation technicians help businesses make the right technology decisions that will maximize  ROI on their technology investment. 

When businesses come to the Lab’s vast warehouse environment they can truly envision the process as we select and test industry-specific technology solutions long before anything is deployed which saves companies both time and money.” 

Located alongside Velociti’s Kansas City, MO headquarters, the Lab encompasses over 85,000sq. ft. focusing on cutting edge technology solutions to solve complex business challenges. Velociti brings a hardware-agnostic approach and guaranteed service level agreements (SLA) to help enterprise customers harness the full power of technology in ways they’ve never imagined. The Innovation Lab’s team of experts identify the right pieces of technology, and then test them within the Lab space to ensure functionality before deploying within the enterprise.  

Proactive planning helps transportation & logistics, warehouse & distribution, construction, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, large public venues, healthcare, hospitality, and rail control technology costs, making budgets more accurate and achievable. Customers leave the Innovation Lab with an actionable technology plan uniquely designed to maximize uptime, improve employee and customer acceptance of the technology and increase the overall return on the technology investment.

In enterprise businesses, connectivity increases productivity, avoids disruptions, and allows leaders to make informed decisions based on real time market issues, even if facilities are located across multiple locations. Critical customer data helps drive strong business decisions, such as better staff schedules or when and how to market during quiet periods. IoT sensors can be mounted on every piece of equipment in a construction site, warehouse, restaurant kitchen or retail facility giving managers insight into peak periods, equipment usage, and energy consumption. On-demand delivery technology and integrated point of sale (POS) systems can help retail, restaurant and hospitality enterprises enhance the customer experience by identifying customer preferences, tracking information for loyalty programs, and drive return visits and sales. Smart building enhancements help track everything from front of the house order management to back of the house kitchen staff, ensuring your team is fully staffed and everything runs smoothly. 

“The pandemic forced businesses of all sizes to re-examine their operations to drive greater efficiencies and create better customer experiences,” adds Powell.  “Whether it’s properly retrofitting technology in historic hospitality facilities, creating equipment visibility at construction sites or integrating the latest supply chain technologies between vehicles and warehouses Velociti understands unique business challenges. We not only reimagine and design innovative technology plans but also expertly deploy and maintain them to ensure businesses across industries are optimizing technology to suit their needs.” 

Velociti’s comprehensive technology solutions approach helps enterprise employees know that every piece of technology was selected for a specific purpose and works seamlessly together to drive businesses forward. 

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