UrVenue Accelerates PMS Connectivity with Hapi Integrations Platform

Hapi, a platform for fast and cost-effective connectivity between hospitality technology systems, announced an integration with UrVenue, a unique non-room inventory booking engine and operations platform for hotels. Through the integration, UrVenue can push and pull data from the industry’s leading Property Management Systems by writing to a single Hapi API.

As more consumers look to book all parts of their travel experience online, hotel operators are introducing creative ways to sell assets beyond the room. Leveraging Hapi’s ability to connect UrVenue’s PXMS with PMS systems, hotels will have unified booking and itinerary building capabilities. After booking a hotel room, guests are empowered to book additional experiences across multiple categories - activities, recreation, dining, entertainment, amenities, daylife, nightlife, and curated packages.

Meanwhile, Hapi is exposing event streams and transactional APIs at scale, helping hotel companies innovate faster by removing integration, development and deployment challenges. The secure integration between the two companies will allow hoteliers to access critical data in a short amount of time with little to no development work on their end.

“The digital guest experience is critical today, and UrVenue is providing a unique solution to non-room inventory management that also includes a powerful booking engine,” said Luis Segredo, CEO of Hapi. “We’re excited to help broaden the number of hotel companies and technology solutions they can connect to. Hapi has become the de facto API standard for connectivity and we’re proud to be helping hoteliers at both property and corporate levels access and action their data.”

UrVenue is the latest hotel technology solutions provider to turn to Hapi for Property Management System connectivity rather than building 1:1 integrations with each provider.

“Hapi and UrVenue are 100% aligned on our goal to create a more modern digital guest experience, while overcoming the biggest painpont in the hospitality industry – the fractured booking journey,” said Deron Pearson, Chief Executive Officer at UrVenue.  “This partnership is a great example of how innovation comes from collaboration between organizations that share a passion for challenging the status quo.”

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