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Updated POS Solution Increases Sales and Efficiency

Inspired by the simplicity and modern design of the best mobile apps, this latest release of the pizza and delivery point of sale software from SpeedLine, drew attention in a preview at the International Pizza Expo in March. Beyond the modern look, the design of the new screens improves order accuracy with faster button selection and better readability. A new wizard makes it a snap to add logos or images to menu buttons.
SpeedLine is known for its SpeedLine Technology Network, an extensive network of innovative technology partnerships. The SpeedLine 6.4 release adds a new partnership with eThor, an award-winning web marketing developer. The integrated eThor solution provides an online dashboard restaurant operators can use to manage all their social media, email, text, and blog marketing in one place.
The eThor dashboard can be used alongside an existing web ordering site, or as part of a full-circle eThor solution with web, mobile, and Facebook ordering. Other 6.4 enhancements include efficiency drivers such as automated day end processing, alternative store suggestions when a customer’s address is outside a store’s delivery area, and a new integration with HRIS systems to simplify new employee onboarding at restaurant locations. Other enhancements address hundreds of requests from current users, providing restaurant operators new tools to manage staff, inventory, payments, and online orders more efficiently and profitably.

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