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Universal Green Group Highlights Four Ways EV Chargers Can Enhance the Hospitality Industry

On Earth Day and every day, Universal Green Group makes it easy for the U.S. hospitality industry to offer sustainable electric vehicle (EV) charging services nationwide, which will put hotel properties on the radar of high-value EV drivers, add sustainability to hotel brand assets, increase revenues and enhance the guest experience.

Universal Green Group has been a leader in the green energy space since 2009 and entered the EV charging market in 2021. Its industry-leading chargers were designed from the ground up to meet the growing needs of EV travelers in the U.S., and its hospitality industry offerings were created to make the decision to install EV chargers incredibly simple. The manufacturer and service provider works directly with hotels to install both fast charging units for quick-stop charging and short charging units for overnight guests.  

Universal Green Group is unique among industry players as its EV chargers adapt to any electric vehicle on the market. As a benefit to its hotel partners, Universal Green Group offers revenue-sharing models or financing to meet most owner’s needs. There is even a no cost option available for those who qualify.  Additionally, 24/7 monitoring and service ensure that guests will be satisfied with their charging experience.

“Universal Green Group was established with a focus on sustainable efforts to provide a better future for generations to come,” said Hemal Doshi, founder and CEO of Universal Green Group. “Our goal is to develop a charging infrastructure that supports the fast-growing electric vehicle economy. Universal Green Group aims to continuously adopt clean and green technologies as the future grows.”  

Universal Green Group’s Level 2 and Level 3 EV chargers provide exciting benefits to hotels and their guests:

Heightened exposure to high-value EV drivers.  

Hospitality business owners that have a Universal Green Group charging product will appear in smartphone map apps that display nearby EV charging locations. By offering EV charging services, hotels will gain exposure to potential new customers. The electric vehicle market is expected to include nearly 24% of all non-commercial drivers by 2030, so this is a large and valuable target market.  

Increased revenue stream.

Universal Green Group has created a range of revenue-sharing opportunities that can provide a direct new revenue stream for hotel properties. Alternatively, hotel owners may choose a financial model that even includes a no cost option. On the customer side, universal EV chargers can drive new revenue as hotel guests will likely pay more for facilities that include electric vehicle charging amenities, particularly until EV chargers are more ubiquitous.  

Enhanced guest experience for EV consumers.  

Drivers who need a fast charge, also known as a Level 3 EV charge, can potentially take advantage of hotel lobby amenities, enjoy a meal in the hotel’s restaurant or may even take a swim while their vehicles charge.  All these activities increase the customer experience and make a good impression on drivers who may be future guests. Universal Level 2 EV chargers are beneficial for hotel guests who choose to charge their electric vehicles overnight; hotels providing electric vehicle charging amenities are critical in supporting EV driving guests during business ventures or vacation activities. In addition, the ability to charge vehicles on hotel premises will contribute to higher Net Promoter Score, also known as NPS, ratings and overall satisfaction.

Increase hotel brand value through sustainability claims.

Hotels that adopt electric vehicle charging now will be advantaged when the U.S. EV penetration multiplies over the next eight years.  

Some large hospitality brands are already offering electric vehicle chargers at many of their properties, including Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt. Owners within these brands who have not embraced the opportunity will have difficulty catching up.  

Today, a growing number of hotels are adopting EV chargers to appeal to eco-conscious guests. By making it easy for guests to charge their electric vehicles, hotels can not only reduce their environmental impact, but also set themselves apart from the competition.

With the steady adoption of EV technology, Universal Green Group plans to install thousands of chargers nationwide within the next eight years.

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