UK Hotel Chain Selects Enterprise Market Intelligence Solution

Ramada Jarvis Hotels announces that it has signed a global agreement with TravelCLICK, a provider of hotel ecommerce solutions, to implement its RateVIEW Enterprise in 38 of its hotels throughout the United Kingdom. RateVIEW Enterprise is an intelligence and management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of multi-property hotel companies. Ramada Jarvis joins a growing list of leading brands and independent hotels worldwide that are leveraging TravelCLICK's business intelligence tools to improve decision-making, expedite competitive response time, and enhance cross-portfolio efficiencies.  

"In today's dynamic marketplace, it is more crucial than ever to understand our portfolio's strengths and weaknesses," says Chris Martin, director of revenue & distribution of Ramada Jarvis Hotels. "With RateVIEW Enterprise, we get more than data. We get information that fuels action. It provides in-depth analysis of our pricing intelligence questions that in the past required a team of hands-on revenue management specialists to handle.  Now we have answers fast, and can act fast." 
Key features
RateVIEW Enterprise will enable Ramada Jarvis Hotels to manage pricing strategies across its organization with minimal resources and maximum revenue performance.  Among its key features are:
  • Rule-based management to automate custom rules for managing corporate pricing strategies and best practices
  • Grouping of properties by county, region, or market to quickly and easily identify changes to price positions in all markets
  • Interactive views to manipulate rate intelligence data anywhere, anytime, without having to download to view
  • Personalised on-screen reporting that presents data in a way that makes decision-making easy
RateVIEW Enterprise will also offer Ramada Jarvis Hotels the key advantage of facilitating central management, according to Martin. "Instead of reviewing 38 separate reports from each of our hotels, we can isolate the hotels that have competitive issues, and focus on identifying opportunities for bringing them to top revenue performance," said Martin.      

The previous product used by the hotel group did not have the ability to manage intelligence across multiple properties and often provided cached pricing data, but RateVIEW Enterprise allows Ramada Jarvis to access virtually real-time competitive pricing intelligence 24 hours a day, so decisions can be based on a fresh, accurate assessment of the market.                                    
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