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TravelPass Group Surpasses $2 Billion in Gross Booking Revenue

TravelPass Group, a hotel marketplace with over a million properties worldwide, today announced that it has surpassed $2 billion in gross hotel booking revenue across its family of travel-related websites, including Reservation Counter and Reservation Desk. TravelPass Group has booked more than 2.6 million room nights in the last 12 months.
To continue company momentum, TravelPass Group recently rolled out its room type matching technology in Las Vegas, with a wider launch coming later this year. In the hotel industry, room types and amenities are marketed and defined differently. TravelPass Group’s room type matching gathers all of the hotel supply sources into a unified platform with room-level data under a single API, powering both consumer and business facing travel portals, allowing the consumer to have more options and make the best available choice.
“There’s never been a technology solution that unifies all of the hotel inventories in one place, and is able to decipher the subtle nuances in room descriptions,” said Faisal Sublaban, president and CEO of Bonotel Exclusive Travel. “From a hotel standpoint, TravelPass Group’s room type matching technology allows us to maximize distribution and match customers to the exact hotel room that fits their needs, leading to a better experience and return customers. TravelPass Group provides true hotel and price discovery.”
TravelPass Group also has plans to unveil a new transformative technology that empowers price discovery on a multiple night hotel stay. This innovative marketplace will expand consumer choice and unlock discounts that have never been made public, previously reserved for travel agents, businesses, and closed groups. TravelPass Group is also working on blockchain technology to grow its marketplace and give leisure and business travelers access to more choices and deeper deals.
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