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Touch Dynamic Announces a New POS: Pulse Ultra All-in-One

Touch Dynamic, a manufacturer of all-in-one POS systems, small form factor PCs, rugged tablets and POS peripherals, announced the availability of the new Pulse Ultra All-In-One.

This next generation all-in-one is designed to offer speed and reliability at an affordable price. The Pulse Ultra offers a sleek and slim finish. However, the beauty of this terminal isn’t just surface deep. It packs quite a bit of power with three CPU options, Intel Celeron Quad Core J3455, Intel i3-6100u, or Intel i5-6300u.  Rounding out this gem of a point of sale solution is a generous selection of peripheral options including, integrated MSR, SteelCoat fingerprint reader, 2x20 VFD 8” or 15” rear display, and 2D barcode scanner.

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