Tenn.-based Copper Cellar Reduces Slippage with Bevchek from Squirrel

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Tenn.-based Copper Cellar Reduces Slippage with Bevchek from Squirrel

Knoxville, Tenn.-based Copper Cellar, operator of seven brands including Cappuccino's, Cherokee Grill, Chesapeake's, Calhoun's, Copper Cellar, Cumberland Grill and Smoky Mountain Brewery, announces its implementation of a beverage management system from Squirrel Systems.

Copper Cellar features only its own micro-brewed beers on-tap at most of their Calhoun's and Smoky Mountain Brewery locations (twelve in total) so a need for the system was top of mind for MIS Director, Mike Gaston. "I had looked at flow metering systems before but didnÃ.Ã.•¬Ã.•.t move forward because there were just too many manual steps," he says. "The systems we looked at before didn't provide integration with our Squirrel point of sale system. This meant that we had to manually combine the information from our Squirrel system with the information from the flow metering system in order to calculate our slippage information."

After seeing Bevchek at FS/TEC and reviewing its capabilities, Gaston and his team decided to implement Bevchek with SquirrelOne integration on a pilot basis at Calhoun's. "We immediately saw that our slippage was, on average 20-30% with the more popular brands coming in around 25%," states Marty Velas. "We were immediately able to identify trends that allowed us to link slippage results with other factors like time periods and staffing."

"We're now seeing slippage rates of between 5-10%. In the longer term, weÃ.Ã.•¬Ã.•.re setting our slippage targets to be less than 5%," states Gaston.