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TELUS to Launch National Hospitality Wi-Fi for Hotels Across Canada

The need for hotel guests to be connected has never been greater than it is now – and it will only continue to increase. Data consumption is expected to double by 2020, and JD Power and surveys from 2013 to 2015 report that higher performance Wi-Fi is noted as the most-desired amenity at a hotel. In fact, guest satisfaction drops 6.5 per cent when asked to pay for basic Wi-Fi, while 80 per cent of guests said they won't return after a bad technology experience.
TELUS has been working with hoteliers in British Columbia and Alberta, bringing the highest quality Wi-Fi services to properties through the TELUS PureFibre network
Now, TELUS is proud to announce that Hospitality Wi-Fi will be available nationwide later this year.
Wi-Fi is a simple thing that feels seamlessly integrated into one's day – often no one even thinks twice about it - but it becomes hugely apparent when guests experience a bad connection or lag time in service. TELUS knows the value that solid Wi-Fi brings to the hotel stay and is excited to bring the experience of TELUS Hospitality Wi-Fi across the country to all Canadian hotel properties.
TELUS Hospitality Wi-Fi allows multiple guests in the same hotel room to simultaneously use their devices without having to worry about lag or interruption. Hotel guests can go from their room to the lobby and around the property without requiring re-authentication. This self-healing and self-optimizing solution leverages access points from industry leader, Cisco Meraki.
Hotels requiring brand compliancy can rest assured knowing that TELUS Hospitality Wi-Fi can mesh, filter content, create franchise splash pages and Service Set Identifiers. TELUS also offers support for tiered Wi-Fi offerings with PMS integration.
In addition to Hospitality Wi-Fi, TELUS will continue to offer Optik TV for Business, High Speed Internet Access for front desk and back office operations, and innovative IoT solutions specific to the hospitality industry in BC and Alberta via the PureFibre network. TELUS is committed to putting customers first by bringing the right solutions to hotels across the country.
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