TDN2K Rebrands to Black Box Intelligence

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

TDn2K, a provider of data and insights to the restaurant industry for over 20 years, announced its evolution to a new brand identity, Black Box Intelligence™. Among other changes will be its logo, product enhancements, new product names, refined company purpose and values.

The Black Box Intelligence suite of products includes Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report), Guest Intelligence (formerly White Box Social Intelligence), Consumer Intelligence and Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence).

Market research and interviews with brand stakeholders determined that the optimal direction was to elevate the name of an existing product with tremendous brand equity and credibility in the marketplace as the new company name. Black Box Intelligence was originally the name given to the organization’s industry leading sales and traffic benchmarking tool, now Financial Intelligence.

Sarah Higgins, vice president of marketing at Black Box Intelligence, led the rebranding initiative and is overseeing the evolution across all channels, in-house and externally.

New information can be found on the company’s new website and will be showcased later this month at the annual Global Best Practices conference in Texas.

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