Talos Global to Distribute Bodhi Building Management Platform in Latin America and the Caribbean

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
graphical user interface

Software Development, LLC has announced that Talos Global, Inc. will distribute its Bodhi building management platform in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Bodhi is a cloud-based application that controls, schedules and manages all of the technology installed in hotels, resorts, and condominium developments.

In guestrooms, Bodhi works with the property management system to trigger ‘welcome’ scenes with the perfect lighting, shading, temperature, audio and video for when guests arrive, and economical ‘away’ scenes when they leave. In restaurants, lounges, and meeting centers, Bodhi schedules and controls lighting, background music, climate, video and signage systems.

Across the property, Bodhi monitors the health of system components, sending alerts as needed to maintenance and IT staff and opens trouble tickets to help ensure that issues are addressed. It is most often used with automation systems from Crestron and Lutron but may be used on its own for lower-cost implementations.

“The problem with most technology management systems is that you need a high level of expertise to set them up and to manage them from day to day,” says Ariel Enrique Gutiérrez, CEO of Talos Global. “Yet Bodhi is very easy to implement, very user focused. You don’t even need a server on your property to make it work.”

“Best of all,” he adds, “Bodhi is so simple to operate that non-technical people can use it to better serve their guests with special setups and schedules every day, without the help of a technology integrator.”

After eight years of development at the world-class Albany Resort in the Bahamas, Bodhi is now available to dealers, integrators and hospitality clients throughout Latin America from Talos Global.

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