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Taco Bells Cuts Install and Replacement Costs with Order Confirmation Display

Taco Bell has approved HyperActive Technologies to provide the HyperView PE order confirmation display (OCD).  HyperView PE harnesses the innovation of Power over Ethernet and is powered by a single CAT5e cable, saving operators money by reducing or eliminating electrical installation costs and extending the lifetime of the OCD by eliminating common breakpoints in the unit. HyperView PE also features the industry’s brightest and longest-lasting display, further validating the unit’s lowest cost of ownership and providing a better customer experience.
Taco Bell’s decision to certify HyperView PE for its franchisees is testament to the ongoing confidence in HyperActive Technologies’ innovative products from one of the world’s most successful quick-service restaurant brands.
As part of the agreement, operators will also enjoy the industry’s leading warranty and extended, multi-year advanced exchange program, including rapid deployment of parts and replacement products within a few days of any identified issues. Comprehensive product advancements are provided as part of an annual support and maintenance program.
The Taco Bell announcement comes on the heels of HyperActive Technologies’ explosive growth in 2012. The technology company recently a 57 percent growth rate in 2012 revenue compared to 2011. The growth was a result of continued customer loyalty and an increase among new restaurant brands seeking the highest quality, most innovative products.
Because of its unique technological benefits, HyperView PE represents major advancements in the way drive-thru operations can be more accurately executed:
HyperView PE
  • Delivers PoE via a single CAT5e cable, further eliminating heat and extending unit life, ultimately delivering the lowest cost of ownership on the market. The single CAT5e cable also eliminates the need to run power to the OCD post. Video and diagnostic information is also transmitted over the same cable.
  • The Ethernet-based solution also enables any computer on the restaurant’s network to control what is displayed on the OCD. And, the unit’s backlight is rated L70 brightness at 100,000 hours, the industry’s highest performance.
  • HyperView PE provides an advanced technology that has eluded many OCD manufacturers: the use of LED lighting, which minimizes output and heat.
  • The use of optically bonded, tempered cover glass provides the highest visual quality of any OCD on the market – reducing glare and reflection to further enhance viewing during hours of direct sunlight.

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