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Taco Bell to Bring Entertainment Network to 5,600 Locations

Taco Bell Corp. and Indoor Direct, Inc., owner of the Restaurant Entertainment Network, have reached a long-term agreement to be the first to install in-store television network and free Wi-Fi solutions in all 5,600 Taco Bell locations throughout the United States.
After the 5,600 locations are installed by 2015, The Restaurant Entertainment Network will reach approximately 48 million Taco Bell customers each month. Each location will have The Restaurant Entertainment Network installed, which consists of a point-of-sale and dining room network plus installation of free Wi-Fi for guests.
“Our consumers come to us for great tasting tacos and burritos, and now we’re enriching their experience with the addition of indoorDIRECT’s Restaurant Entertainment Network,” says David Ovens, chief marketing officer, Taco Bell Corp. “As the value leader in Quick-Service Restaurants, The Restaurant Entertainment Network will add even greater value to the Taco Bell experience and feature engaging content such as music, lifestyle, entertainment and sports, and also free Wi-Fi to keep our consumers connected with their friends.”
This agreement grows from the success of indoorDIRECT’s pilot program in more than a dozen Taco Bell restaurants. It will provide advertisers and content providers the ability to reach millions of Taco Bell guests while they eat. Guests will be able to interact with the network by downloading music seen on our show, receiving opt in text messages, engaging in social media campaigns and accessing free Wi-Fi.

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