Swiss Domino's Pizza Franchisee Follows U.S. Example: Implements Franchise Office System for Multi-Unit Financial Management

Domino's Pizza Switzerland (Global Brands SA - 11 stores) has commissioned the Ann Arbor-based software firm, Servant Systems, to install the Domino's Franchise Office System in the multi-unit operation. This is the first European Domino's multi-unit franchisee to acquire the system. In the U.S., some 30 large Domino's franchisees consisting of more than 700 stores have begun using the Domino's Franchise Office System since it was first deployed in 2005.

The software application integrates the multiple-unit franchisee's headquarters financial, payroll and overtime, general ledger accounts and other store information with franchisor Domino's Pizza's system-wide PULSE in-store order entry system. Domino's Pizza operations are extremely dependent on timely and accurate reporting. The PULSE Franchise Office System significantly improves this reporting function and reduces administrative overhead.

The PULSE Franchise Office System aids the franchisee in sales analysis as well as validation of accounting data before it is loaded into the franchisee's accounting system. The system generates reports for accounting personnel to assist in account reconciliation and provides management with operating profit/loss summaries to assist in managing many stores. In recent months Servant Systems has added new features including more sophisticated payroll, tip, and mileage reimbursement calculations. The software is written using Microsoft .NET and is thus highly customizable.

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