Swire Hotels Opens with Online Infrastructure to Support Multiple Technology Systems

When Swire Hotels opened its new hotel 'EAST, Miami,' located at Brickell City Centre, earlier this month, it also brought online its massive technology system.  Selected to develop the crucial core infrastructure to support the building's high IT demands was Miami-based Unified Technologies. 
Unified Technologies was chosen over many international IT conglomerates to service the hotel's network requirements, which included multiple Cisco Data Centers, LAN Switching, information storage and low voltage power systems.
The massive multi-tower Brickell City Centre was built to house luxury condos, retail, offices and a modern luxury hotel. Technology necessary to handle the needs of the hotel project alone require a state-of-the-art fully redundant backbone to support converged networks and services such as VOIP, high-end centralized audio-video, complex integrated servers, computers, video-surveillance, RFID and BLE access control, mobile POS, intelligent elevators with access synchronization, integrated mobile app, 4K Samsung Smart TV platform for guest rooms and meeting spaces including state of the art video-walls, and ultra-reliable  extreme-high-speed  beacon ready Wi-Fi.
To ensure a system that will remain technologically relevant and to expand in the future, Unified Technologies served as Solutions Architects, taking a modular approach to source the exact equipment and appropriate vendors to complete the system.  Through longstanding relationships with companies such as Cisco, EMC and Emerson Network Power, the Unified Technologies team was able to bridge the gap between technology providers and its client, Swire Hotels.
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