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Survey: Hoteliers Say Integrations Are the Most Important Factor for Property Management Systems

For most hotels, the property management system (PMS) is at the center of its operations. In fact, the new Property Management System Survey of Hotel Executives shows the PMS remains the single most important piece of hotel technology today. 

Q: Do you consider the Property Management System (PMS) to be the most important piece of hotel technology today?


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The study, conducted through phone and web survey during Q2 of 2021, gathered sentiment from 56 COOs, CTOs, CIOs, and other senior operations and technology leaders in North America, Europe, and Asia at hotel brands with between 10-500 properties. 

For most of these respondents, the property management system is not only the most important piece of technology, but it also represents the largest software expenditure.

Q: Is the PMS your largest software budget item?



When asked what they want a property management system to provide, integrations were the clear priority among respondents:

Q: What is most important to you from a PMS?


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With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that a lack of integrations support topped reasons for dissatisfaction among hoteliers with their current provider: 

Q: What are you dissatisfied with about your current PMS?


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Hotel executives are sending technology providers a clear message: as the tech stack evolves rapidly, the ability to easily integrate and use best-in-class point solutions remains paramount. 



Josiah Mackenzie is a hotel technology industry veteran and publisher of Show The Numbers, a research blog. 


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