Subway Ties WiFi Access to Loyalty

SUBWAY® Restaurants has partnered with Turnstyle Solutions, a company that helps businesses monetize their Wi-Fi, to redefine how businesses interact with their customers. Gone are the days of wallets full of punch cards, customers need only opt-in to the Wi-Fi network at any SUBWAY® location in Northern Ontario, Canada to be rewarded for doing what they do best – being a valued customer.
As an early adopter of Wi-Fi enabled location-based marketing, SUBWAY® is distinguishing itself from competitors in the Quick Service Restaurant industry, demonstrating an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of their customers. To kick-off the initiative which began on February 24th, SUBWAY® is giving away a free 6-inch sandwich to every guest who logs into their Wi-Fi at participating locations in Northern Ontario. After joining for the first time, guests are pushed an in-store notification, containing a coupon to redeem a 6-inch SUBWAY® sandwich of their choice, as a way to show appreciation for their loyalty to the brand. Once customers have opted-in, the network remembers them and each subsequent visit could offer them additional rewards.
Turnstyle Solutions works with brands to help them enhance their Wi-Fi service, enabling them to create customized campaigns triggered by location, loyalty (number of visits), date, or demographic information. The Social Wi-Fi feature attracts and identifies customers, while boosting awareness through social platforms. Turnstyle Campaigns, such as the SUBWAY experience, provides one-to-one customer engagement and amplifies retention and spend. At the same time, the Analytics feature allows clients to accurately track the success and ROI of various marketing activities and collect valuable foot traffic information to help them better understand their customer.
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