Stratix Shows How Apple Devices Can Transform Restaurant Operations

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Stratix Corporation, a provider of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) in the U.S., has released a new interactive video experience demonstrating what's possible in restaurant operations when users leverage the power of Apple devices.

The video experience shows how powerful apps on Apple mobile devices create connected and collaborative restaurants that transform workflows and automate management functions—while generating data that drives informed business decisions.

The complete restaurant solution from Stratix using Apple devices is designed to enable fast digital transformation so that companies can quickly reap the benefits. It pairs the user-friendly iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch  with Stratix's expertise in solution design, comprehensive lifecycle management, and 24x7x365 support.  

"In the highly-competitive restaurant industry, Apple devices help companies meet customer expectations and drive higher revenue through faster table turns and drive-thru service," explained Gina Daniel-Lee, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Stratix. "Our restaurant solution on Apple devices is exactly what's required right now to help businesses rapidly achieve digital transformation and get a leg up on the competition."

For organizations like franchises, ensuring a uniform—and excellent—experience for customers across the entire brand—regardless of location—is critical. The right mobile technology can do that. Stratix offers a total solution from one expert provider, making it convenient, easy, and cost-effective for restaurants to gain the digital tools they need. 

To watch the video, visit:

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