Stayntouch PMS and Tabit POS Integrate

Stayntouch, a provider of guest-centric cloud hotel property management systems (PMS) and contactless technology, announced a new direct integration with Tabit, a mobile-first hospitality platform with a specialty in hotel restaurants. 

Stayntouch’s cloud-native mobile PMS unburdens hospitality for hotel operators, staff, and guests. The intuitive PMS can be accessed from anywhere, with any device, and enables hotels to earn primary and ancillary revenue while delivering the option for a seamless mobile or kiosk-based check-in and check-out. The direct integration with Tabit POS, offers hotel customers an end-to-end streamlined and mobile welcome, dining, and departure experience. 

Among Tabit’s suite of products, TabitHotels enables hotels to streamline and enhance their in-stay dining experience. The tool integrates guest charges across the entire hotel ecosystem by name and room number, including mobile and contactless ordering at the hotel restaurant, pool, casino, beach resort, etc. 

Tabit brings hotel operational efficiencies and convenience to Stayntouch customers and their guests  by delivering:

  • A centralized platform to manage all hotel restaurants;
  • The ability to accept charges from third-party restaurants in surrounding areas;
  • Full access to the front desk of a guest’s charging and check details;
  • Mobile contactless ordering via branded mobile web app or QR code where guests can view the menu, send orders directly to the kitchen, and pay – all on their devices. 

Tabit Co-Founder and President Nadav Solomon remarked that, “Tabit is bringing the next generation of mobile in-stay dining with software that meets the demands of today’s diner and traveler. We are delivering an elevated level of hospitality to the in-stay dining experience through innovative solutions that are paramount in helping hotels succeed in a saturated and competitive market. We value partners like Stayntouch who bring high-quality products to their customers and elevate the offering with exceptional service.”

Reid Webster, the Vice President of Strategic Growth for Stayntouch, said “Tabit perfectly compliments Stayntouch’s approach to delivering a seamless and comprehensive mobile guest journey. Guests who prefer a completely contactless welcome and departure, can now also enjoy the convenience of an entirely mobile in-stay dining experience. Restaurant staff will also benefit from increased efficiency, as they will be able to manage all hotel restaurants under one centralized system.”

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