Star Micronics Launches Kitchen Buzzer

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Star Micronics Launches Kitchen Buzzer


Star Micronics introduces the mC-Sound, an evolved model of the standard kitchen buzzer.

The new mC-Sound can be easily installed into the mC-Print3 kitchen and receipt printer, and is designed to further enhance the printer’s functionality by offering an ideal way to alert staff of incoming orders, even in the busiest, high-decibel kitchen environments.

The buzzer provides a high level of information, including order type, order source, and order urgency level. The distinguished sounds allow kitchen staff to instantly understand what is being ordered, if it is coming from in-house or a specific online ordering application, and what priority it is. Users can choose from a variety of sound types and volumes, assign individual sounds to different order types, and playback sounds sent from a host device.

Capable of more customization than ever before, the mC-Sound comes pre-loaded with 16 sounds, and also allows for users to upload or record their own custom message.