Square Launches Spanish-Language Version

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Square announced that its entire ecosystem of more than 35 products and services is now available in Spanish in the United States. The more than 4.65 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States will now be able to use Square’s end-to-end business solutions in either English or Spanish 

“Our families have been serving Salvadorean comfort food to the LA community for generations,” said Stephanie Figueroa, co-founder of La Pupusa Urban Eatery in Los Angeles. “Times have definitely changed since the days when my grandmother sold food out of a cart in a nearby market. In order to stay ahead of the curve and take our next big leaps, we’ve used tools like Square Loans, Square for Restaurants, and Square’s Checking and Savings accounts to grow our business and make improvements to meet our vision and the needs of our customers. Being able to access tools like these in Spanish makes an enormous difference to us and similar businesses who don’t always get a fair shake at other financial institutions.”

Square offers a suite of fully integrated products that offer a one-stop solution to fit a wide range of business needs. As of today, all of these products are available in Spanish, backed up by Spanish-language customer support and resources. Today’s announcement comes after a thorough effort to guarantee that Spanish-speaking sellers can take full advantage of the ecosystem in their desired language.

Square’s company-wide effort has included hiring dedicated Spanish-speaking employees across the organization. Customer support, account management, communications, and sales personnel were brought on board to ensure that the entire, end-to-end experience of partnering with Square is seamless for Spanish speakers.

“Almost a third of all restaurant and food service jobs in the United States are held by Latinos, and anyone who has worked on a line or an expo station in America can tell you that a great deal of America's best kitchens run in Spanish,” said Bryan Solar, Head of Restaurants at Square. “Whether the restaurant is an independent community staple or multi-location chain, Square wants to ensure that you have the business solutions that meet your needs. Providing entrepreneurs and their staff with access to Square’s ecosystem of products in Spanish is one more way for us to enable restaurants across the country to thrive.”

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), Hispanic-owned businesses represent 14% of all U.S. businesses, making them the fastest-growing segment of U.S. small businesses. At the same time, recent data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) shows that about 12.2% of Hispanic households in America remain unbanked, and a Stanford University study found that the odds of loan approval from national banks are 60% lower for Hispanic-owned businesses than white owned businesses, when controlling for business performance.

Square’s ecosystem of products gives Spanish-speaking sellers a single, easy-to-understand home for their entire business, unlocking a variety of business-critical capabilities. To learn more, please visit https://squareup.com/us/es.


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