Squadle Introduces New Digital Shift Management Features

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Squadle has updated Squadle Digital Shift Management and released Squadle workflows in the Apple app store. The new Squadle Digital Shift Management features include paper checklist conversion, automated workflows and summary reports, as well as real-time text and email alerts, all built to help restaurant and retail operators streamline employee management while also increasing safety and labor compliance.

Squadle Digital Shift Management replaces paper processes with automated workflows that eliminate operational errors. The fully-customizable operational compliance checklists include pre-shift checks, equipment calibrations, and shift notes. Safety features include compliance checks for pre-shift checklists, food waste tracking, shift notes, and COVID-19 safety checklists. Operators monitor compliance and completion rates through an online dashboard, mobile app, real-time alerts, and automated daily emails.

The latest Squadle Digital Shift Management upgrades include:

Paper to Digital  Converts and implements paper-based operational checklists and forms into a digital format.

Automated Workflows  Ensure corrective actions and other follow-on procedures are completed.

Simplified Reporting – Delivered directly to the operator’s email inbox, automated reports streamline form completion.

Real-time Alerts  Texts and emails notify operators when critical checklists and forms are not completed on time.

24/7 Access  Web-based portal and mobile app (available for iOS and Android) allows operators to easily access checklists and form data quickly and in real-time.

Reminder Prompts  In-app alarm notifications remind both operators and their teams to complete routine tasks on-time.

Secure Verification  QR code compatibility allows next-level verification for area-sensitive checklists and forms.

Photo Verification – Operators can capture photos and log evidence for additional verification and compliance.

Unlimited User Accounts – To accommodate retail staff and multiple stores, each organization can set up as many user accounts as needed.

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