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SportsArt’s New Vatio Indoor Cycle Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint for Hotel Gyms

SportsArt, a green fitness brand that develops sustainable gym equipment installed at various hotels throughout the world, announced the newest addition to their energy producing cardio line – the Vatio G516 Indoor Cycle. The cycle, designed for gyms and cycling classes, features sleek angles and state-of-the-art energy generating technology to produce an engaging workout that fitness enthusiasts can feel good about.

Gyms are traditionally large consumers of energy but through SportsArt’s ECO-POWR line, and the Vatio specifically, these facilities can offset electricity consumption. Since SportsArt cycles produce electricity while in use, unlike any other indoor cycle, users will not have to change their existing fitness routine to accomplish more than just breaking a sweat – they will be contributing to energy production and reducing the gym or cycling studio’s carbon footprint.

The smooth yet robust design of the Vatio provides users a durable and intuitive platform that can handle the most rigorous of workouts. The V-shaped frame maintains proper proportions for users of all sizes while the fully enclosed flywheel ensures dust, sweat, and debris stay out of the moving component, keeping the unit operating at peak capacity, long-term. Through the ECO-POWR technology, the cycle harnesses every watt of human effort and turns the energy into usable electricity – forming a miniature human-power plant, while the informative LCD display provides users with key workout metrics, helping users push their limits. A color-changing LED light indicates the workout intensity which is directly proportional to the amount of energy being produced through the user’s efforts.

SportsArt pioneered a sustainable shift in the fitness industry through its ECO-POWR technology and continues to expand on the legacy with the development of new innovations. With the understanding that movement is energy, every step, pedal, and stride is an opportunity to power a movement. SportsArt is focused on bringing smart, cutting-edge technologies that harness the power of human movement to the masses and providing opportunities to change the world – one workout at a time.

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