Social Event Business Continues to Grow for Hotels

Hotel guests are packing something new in their suitcases when they check in for trips in 2023: their party pants.

Tripleseat Hotels, the leading cloud-based sales and catering management platform for hotels, surveyed 500 people planning events at hotels in 2023 to identify what they are celebrating and what makes properties stand out across the United States.

Hotel event trends for 2023

  • Event types: 72% of events being planned are social events, and 27% are business-related events.
  • Planning schedule: Almost 80% start their planning between 1-6 months in advance.
  • Property location: 47% of events will take place in a major city or downtown area.
  • Guest rooms: 84% of event hosts will require guest room nights as part of their event.
  • Venue criteria: The cost to rent space plus food and beverage minimums are major factors, along with overnight guest room prices.
  • Top amenities: Beyond the event, hosts want properties with onsite bars/restaurants, parking, wifi, and outdoor event space.

Where event planners learn about hotels

Whether for social or corporate events, when looking for hotel space for their events, 72% of consumers prefer to start with a hotel's website. Consumers want direct information from the source, so make sure your website is up to date, has photos of your space, and has enough information to get people engaged. Your lead form link should be obvious and available on multiple pages.

"It is always the right time to showcase how your property can elevate a celebration or meeting, especially with more people looking to book events," said Jonathan Morse, CEO of Tripleseat. "Our sales and catering platform helps properties manage bookings, plan every detail, and make the entire process easy for your guests and hotel staff, resulting in a successful event experience."

Find the complete list of data in our infographic.

tripleseat dec 2022 infographic
tripleseat dec 2022 infographic
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