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Snapchat Offers AR Experience at 3 Theme Parks

Guests visiting the Six Flags can transform their picture into Superman using the new Snapchat lens and share it via social media.
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Tourists visiting three of the major theme parks are now able to customize their photos with geofenced Snapchat Augmented Reality (AR) lenses that showcase the IP of the respective theme park.

Snap has teamed up with Disney, Universal and Six Flags/Warner Bros. to offer a geotargeted Snapchat AR experience in Disney and Six Flags/Warner Bros. parks worldwide, and Universal parks in the U.S. 

“We love working with our partners Disney, Universal and Warner Bros. to create augmented reality experiences that allow our users to connect with some of their favorite characters in a totally new way,” said Ben Schwerin, Snap’s vp of partnerships.  

Selfie 2.0
Users of the Snapchat app will be able to photograph themselves as Mickey and Minnie in Disney parks and as Superman in Six Flags parks, and transform themselves into the zoo keeper from the Jurassic World movie at Universal parks by using the Bitmoji lens.

Upon entering the theme parks, the lenses will automatically be available in the Lens carousel inside the Snapchat app.

For Snap, this is a continuation of its longstanding partnerships with these three theme parks that have include the ET face lens at Universal; Flinstone, Bugs and Lola Bunny face lens for Warner Bros; and Star Wars lens, 3D Bitmjoi, stickers and map integrations for Disney.

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