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SiteApps Mobile Launches to Help Mobilize Restaurant Websites

SiteApps Mobile has launched the most simplified way for restaurants to create a mobile website. The free tool meets the demand of today’s tech-savvy consumers by showcasing a brief description, phone number, address and directions (with live Google Maps view) and working hours of a restaurant -- essentially all the information needed for those browsing restaurants on-the-go.
In 2012, a study by Restaurant Sciences found that 46 percent of consumers said they would use a restaurant’s mobile site if it existed. Couple that with only 5 percent of independent restaurants even utilizing mobile-compatible websites, and it’s obvious there’s a significant gap in the market that requires an immediate solution.
According to a recent study by Nielsen and Google, 30 percent of mobile searches result in consumers visiting a store, calling a business or making a purchase online. Thus, restaurants need to capitalize on the increasing popularity of mobile devices to satisfy new and existing customers, grow business and maintain a professional brand. SiteApps Mobile offers a way for restaurants to do this, helping increase customer visits and revenue.

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