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Simon Data Partners with Snowflake to make Customer Data Accessible to Marketers

Simon Data, announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, designed to enable marketers to unlock their customer data investments to drive improved marketing effectiveness. The partnership solves a common challenge marketers face around accessing data in a streamlined way to build personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Simon Data: Powered by Snowflake 

With inclusion in Snowflake’s “Powered by Snowflake” program, Simon Data leverages Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud-  with its application that is built on Snowflake to seamlessly extend next-generation data capabilities traditionally owned by data teams into an application designed for marketers and other business stakeholders. 

“So many brands have built data solutions that provide incredibly rich and detailed views of customers, only to find themselves losing resolution when connecting to downstream applications,” said Jason Davis, CEO and co-founder of Simon Data. “Many of today’s MarTech tools are built using legacy databases that are unable to drive detailed segmentation or one-to-one personalization. Through Simon Data’s application built using Snowflake, joint customers have a modern, agile way to easily access and leverage customer data”

By relying on Snowflake, the Simon Data platform offers additional advantages relative to other CDPs and traditional marketing platforms. 

  • Unparalleled granularity for 1:1 marketing: Enables marketers to act on data at the highest level of detail. Workflows are self-sufficient, streamlined, and fast, eliminating the need for upstream custom data modeling.

  • World-class security: Simon Data leverages core security aspects of Snowflake, supported in native multi-cloud contexts. Unlike other CDPs, Simon doesn’t need to replicate customer’s data into other sources making it even more secure.

  • Seamless data shares: With Snowflake, Simon can further enhance its best-in-class integration model to accelerate time-to-value within weeks or less.

“Simon Data is the  model for how SaaS applications can be built on Snowflake’s technology and fully activate data across the expanding Snowflake ecosystem,” said Bill Stratton, Head of Media & Analytics at Snowflake. “Using Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud, Simon unlocks data scalability and processing capabilities. And through the Snowflake platform, the  integration is further enhanced via Snowflake’s secure data sharing.”

How JetBlue is Using Simon and Snowflake to Drive Growth

Like many businesses undergoing data and cloud transformations, JetBlue saw a massive gap between their strategic data investments and the data capabilities of their martech environment. With Snowflake servicing core reporting and insights use cases across the business, JetBlue’s loyalty team looked to Simon Data to unlock this customer data to drive segmented, hyper-personalized, and low-latency messages. 

(JetBlue joins other brands like Tripadvisor, Wyndham, Thinx, Resy (Amex), and Vimeo in using Simon Data and the Snowflake Data Cloud to drive growth through data. Find out more here.)

“At JetBlue, we believe that data is a core strategic differentiator and the Simon CDP will enable our team to be data-driven in how we approach Customer interactions” said Amit Chawla, Director, Loyalty Program Development at JetBlue. “Simon Data has already helped us unlock additional value from our investments in the Snowflake platform. We were able to onboard Simon on top of Snowflake and get our first campaign live in only 12 days which, in the MarTech world, is impressive.”

Simon Data’s team will focus on driving efficiency and alignment around JetBlue’s key initiatives, including: retargeting customers who have browsed but not booked flights; improving targeting and personalization across channels to increase ancillary revenue; and revving up hyper-personalized marketing messaging with contextual data to boost profitability. 


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