SIHOT Partners with Data Visualization Company Zeus

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
Data Visualization Dashboard at Vivood Landscape Hotel
Data visualization dashboards in use at Vivood Landscape Hotel

SIHOT data is enabling hotels to be more responsive to market changes and guest needs with innovative visualization. Data available within SIHOT’s system ( underpins an intelligent and intuitive performance dashboard, created by data visualization company Zeus and used by VIVOOD Landscape Hotel in Spain. 

In the provision of digestible data, Zeus and SIHOT are enabling VIVOOD to drive innovation in hotel operations and guest services. The hotel staff found the tool helped them build a greater understanding of each guests’ needs, requirements and sentiments, allowing them to quickly respond to customers’ needs to heighten the guest experience. 

With real-time data access, Zeus built custom dashboards for VIVOOD to address core commercial objectives and elevate the guest experience within the resort. By reviewing the impact of key customer touchpoints, VIVOOD has been able to make faster and more accurate operational decisions which have led to increased guest satisfaction and the strengthening of its reputation as one of the best value brands in Spain. 

Zeus utilized VIVOOD’s data from its SIHOT PMS to highlight key concern areas in the guest experience and hotel operations. Through a customized centralized dashboard - accessible to all staff, including reception, spa services and catering -  the hotel team can access full guest details, giving them the ability to provide enhanced personal interactions.

“Any employee can easily visualize what is happening in the hotel. We can know at any moment of their stay the level of satisfaction of each guest, and any special needs, so our team can act and interact accordingly. Whether in the restaurant, spa or reception, having the data at their fingertips lets our team build meaningful relationships with our guests,” explains Daniel Mayo, General Manager, VIVOOD.

VIVOOD Landscape Hotel managers incorporated a customizable and automated operational panel into their dashboard, highlighting daily strategic data points, that optimizes SIHOT data. Zeus developed the KPIs to calculate performance tailored to the property including a dashboard displaying a map of rooms that required turnaround.

“The experience building dashboards using SIHOT was fantastic; they were very involved in the process, and helped find solutions in the sharing of data to optimize the presentation of data for the diverse VIVOOD team,” said Vicente Castillo, Project Manager, Zeus. “Data is easily accessible from SIHOT without the need of developing an API because it already features an accessible mechanism to share real-time data and updates with other applications like ours. Not only are we able to extrapolate vast quantities of performance data from across the hotel, SIHOT also supplies daily snapshots of hotel information.” 

“Vivood has recognized the sheer range of data that SIHOT.PMS provides and how it can provide intelligent insights to further elevate its business and provide guests with an exceptional experience,” said Carsten Wernet, Chief Executive, SIHOT. “A hotel’s success depends on making the right decisions from optimal data management. VIVOOD’s vision demonstrates the value of the comprehensive data we make available to all our customers.”

Hotel data can be extracted from the SIHOT system, or hotels can set up automated data retrieval, providing updates in real-time. As part of their ongoing commitment to providing the best-in-class hotel operating systems, SIHOT last month launched a new Partner Program to enable hotel technology vendors to benefit from a two-way exchange of data.

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