Shiji Distribution Solutions Signs Partnership with D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Shiji Group has announced its latest partnership between Shiji Distribution Solutions and leading distribution provider D-EDGE to provide comprehensive access to Shiji Distributions’ Demand Network.

D-EDGE, a leading hotel distribution technology provider in hospitality, offers to 12,000 hotels worldwide, cloud-based e-commerce solutions that are well-integrated to cover all stages of hotel distribution.

The partnership will benefit D-EDGE’s hotel customers who will be able to reach Asia Pacific travelers more directly and easily, particularly Chinese travelers, thanks to Shiji Distribution Solutions’ extensive demand network and distribution.  Shiji Distribution Solution will also further cement its footprint in Europe and allow its customers to connect to more hotels within the region.

“We are excited to partner with D-EDGE and help them provide their hotel customers with a greater reach of the Asia Pacific travelers and continue with their expansion into Asia Pacific, where Shiji Distribution Solutions is the leading facilitator for global businesses looking to connect within the market. By partnering with D-EDGE, we look forward providing their hotel customers with our enterprise-level distribution solutions and further expanding our European business,” said Greg Berman, Chief Operating Officer of Shiji Distribution Solutions.

“This partnership is a true win win for both our companies and our customers. D-EDGE has developed one of the largest connectivity hubs of the industry allowing hotels to be connected to 550+ different partners. There has already been much interest from our hotel customers to connect with Shiji Distribution Solutions’ channels and we are thrilled to form this partnership to allow access to their connectivity network,” said Heinrich Kessler, Chief Commercial Officer EMEA & Americas

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