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Shift4 Payments Adds TakeOut7 Integration to the Company’s Restaurant POS Systems

Shift4 Payments, a provider of integrated payment processing solutions, announced their restaurant POS systems now integrate with TakeOut7, apopular online ordering service, through the Shift4 Marketplace. Orders placed through TakeOut7 will be able to sync directly with Shift4’s family of point-of-sale software brands, including Harbortouch, Restaurant Manager, POSitouch and Future POS.

TakeOut7 is a cloud-based technology platform with a mission to provide turnkey solutions for independent restaurants. The company’s integrated online ordering solution enables independent restaurants to grow their business while building their own restaurant brand and customer data.

TakeOut7 joins a number of other notable companies in Shift4’s Marketplace, which enables restaurants and other merchants who use the company’s POS systems to access a wide range of third-party applications. These include solutions for online ordering, online reservations, employee scheduling, accounting, loyalty, marketing, reservations and more.

Shift4’s Marketplace is part of the company’s Lighthouse Business Management System, an online control panel which provides Shift4 customers with extensive reporting capabilities, remote POS system management, a customer engagement platform and tools to manage the business’s social media presence and online reputation.

Anurag Ahuja, CEO of TakeOut7, commented, “TakeOut7 has found the right strategic partner in Shift4 to bring the best-in-class online ordering technology and services to Shift4’s family of POS companies and their restaurants. TakeOut7’s integration with Shift4’s Marketplace will allow restaurants to be up and running with their own fully integrated online ordering solution in as little as two weeks. Consumer demand for online ordering continues to grow and independent restaurants are anxious to find an integrated solution like the ones national chains have already launched with their own proprietary technologies. We look forward to enabling the POS dealers and restaurants to claim their share of the phenomenal growth in online ordering.”

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