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Sheraton Suites Plantation Renovation Includes Sustainable Guestroom HVAC Tech

Sheraton Suites Plantation recently completed a guest room fan coil unit refurbishment project with AirRevive. The South Florida landmark selected AirRevive to restore its two-hundred and sixty-four 1989 IEC guest room fan coil units as part of its guest room renovation.The sustainable service avoided discarding 264 pieces of scrap metal and will extend the life of the units by a decade. 
In addition to refurbishing the units to operate as-new the guest room renovation included new furnishings and the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed along with new carpet, paint, curtains and artwork. Guest bathrooms feature new wallpaper, wall sconces and a wall mounted vanity mirror with built-in light.
Integrating fan coil unit refurbishment with guest room renovation is integral to the renovation's goal to improve guest satisfaction and guest comfort. During a renovation chemicals from wallpaper and paint and dust and debris are all carried into and reside in the fan coil unit. After the renovation indoor air quality is compromised. If left uncleaned allergens are continually recycled through the guest room. AirRevive’s refurbishment service and specifically its coil rejuvenation, blower assembly reconditioning and insulation replacement removes all of this from the fan coil unit, leaving the guest room fresh, clean and free of allergens.

Before and after sound, coil and supply temperature and airflow data taken from the 264 units verified the units are working like new.

All measurements used to determine the unit’s operating performance improved:
Fan motor noise after the project recorded 56.65 decibels, which is barely audible.
Coil discharge temperature dropped by an average 17.5% from over 60 degrees to 49 degrees.
Supply temperature dropped by an average 8% from 62 to 57 degrees.
Average airflow increased by an average 27% from 670 feet per minute (FPM) to 910 FPM.
While coil and supply temperature dropped significantly, airflow increased by an average 27%. More efficient heat transfer coupled with increased airflow results in faster cooling and heating. Guest satisfaction is improved because the temperature set point is reached and maintained quickly and accurately. The facility saves energy both in the guest room at the fan motor and at the chiller. 
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