Sharp NEC Display Solutions Partners with Avery Dennison on Digital Display

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Sharp NEC Display Solutions announced its partnership with Avery Dennison, delivering an interactive AV solution, ActiveScene. Combining Avery Dennison’s Vela Dynamic System and NEC projection technology, ActiveScene provides a comprehensive AV solution to transform existing windows into engaging, eye-catching displays.

Utilizing Avery Dennison’s Vela smart window film, ActiveScene can be retrofitted to any window or glass surface. Controlled electronically, the film becomes opaque upon command to create a dynamic canvas where users can project a unique AV experience to their audiences, making use of previously underutilized glass wall or window space. When ActiveScene is not in use, the glass remains transparent.

Ideal for a wide variety of applications, ActiveScene can be used to transform glass storefronts into large advertising displays, corporate conference room windows into dynamic privacy screens, glass-fronted museum vignettes into informative signage and more. Compared to standalone projection or LCD video walls, ActiveScene provides a turnkey, multi-function opportunity without bezels to distract from the image. The solution is available with three NEC Projector options – PX1004UL, PA803UL or P605UL – offering multiple brightness options to meet the needs of almost any space.

The ActiveScene complete digital display solution from Sharp/NEC and Avery Dennison includes the NEC projector, lens and standard mount, VELA film, VELA designated controller, media player, basic Content Management System (CMS). For more information on the complete solution, visit


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Integrating Avery Dennison’s Vela Dynamic System with Sharp/NEC Projection, Installation and Management Expertise, ActiveScene turns underutilized windows into engaging promotional displays.
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