’s STS Cloud Integrates with ProposalPath’s Video Function for Personalized Remote Selling

The STS Cloud ProposalPath Premium Media Package is proving itself a highly effective sales tool in today’s social-distant business environment. Why? Businesses are planning third-quarter company meetings now, and groups that have put social gatherings on hold are scheduling summer events. This makes personalized property video presentations a must have as hotels and event venues ramp up sales efforts. STS Cloud is a full-function, cost effective hotel sales and catering software system that is used by hundreds of properties and multi-property hotel groups. ProposalPath is an online proposal generation tool integrated with STS Cloud that lets properties respond to client requests quickly and professionally. Click here to see Wild Dunes Resort’s ProposalPath video.

“The people in our industry today want to interact more online, and they prefer graphic and video communications. Our ProposalPath Premium Media Package is the most effective tool to show prospects a personalized, virtual property presentation without the client leaving their home office,” said Ryan Hamilton, co-founder of ProposalPath is a fully integrated enhancement of’s STS Cloud sales and catering system. “Our video tool lets sales people use their mobile phone or other device to show prospects specific property areas that address their event space and meeting room inquiries. These videos have a personal impact because the sales person is walking his or her client through the property spaces that the client asked about. This is the most effective sales tool as we navigate the current CV19 business environment.” Click here for information on

More than 150 hotel sales managers have implemented ProposalPath’s Premium Media Package to quickly create and deliver custom video-enhanced proposals that build personalized connections.  ProposalPath’s videos provide customers with a virtual experience that responds to specific questions on event venues, traffic flows and event spaces. “STS Cloud’s custom videos have more impact than canned website clips because they are a response to a client’s specific questions. There’s also a compelling personal impact when sales people take the time to include a personal message.  It shows that the sales person has taken the time to address the client’s specific area of interest.” Hamilton said. 

ProposalPath is an enhancement to the STS Cloud sales and catering system. The Premium Media Package lets sales teams capture video with their mobile phone and easily upload it to accompany a property proposal. “Not all properties have large marketing budgets. Our video tool levels the playing field and lets sales teams provide custom videos inexpensively to compete more effectively with larger properties,” Hamilton said.’s applications are the most affordable, full featured, sales and catering systems in the hospitality market. The company sets the standard for personalized service, professional training, and simplicity of system operation to help clients rapidly implement, and immediately impact productivity.  STS Cloud is used by many independent properties and hotel chains.

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