Safe Space Technologies Announces a Line of UVC Disinfection Solutions

Safe Space Technologies, a Pittsburgh-based robotics company manufacturing intelligent UVC disinfection products that provide safer everyday environments, is pleased to announce its line of UVC Disinfection Solutions. Using cutting edge  technology, the company offers products that require less time, labor and lower overall costs compared to manual disinfection methods that introduce the element of human error.

“By harnessing the disinfection properties of UVC light we are giving customers a more efficient path towards disinfection services,” said Chris Proud, Safe Space Technologies CEO. “In a time when many businesses are required to thoroughly disinfect their environments on a level they have never had to before, our products provide a safer environment with better disinfection results in much less time while reducing the amount of harsh chemicals and manpower.” 

Safe Space Technologies UVC Disinfection Solutions can be used in a variety of locations including high traffic shared spaces like malls, gyms, hotels, retail locations, classrooms, commercial properties and checkout lines. 

“UVC light has been used for decades in the healthcare industry, and we’re taking our experience with UVC technology to bring the same kind of disinfection capabilities to other markets,” said Proud.

Its line of UVC Disinfection Solutions include:

  • Autonomous Disinfection Robot (ADR): By combining the power of UVC lights with an autonomous mobile platform, the ADR s able to disinfect large spaces like airport terminals, manufacturing plants, office lobbies, hallways, and cafeterias effectively without any human interaction and/or supervision. Intelligent onboard sensors enable the robot to avoid obstacles yet perform the disinfection service safely and continuously. Data is made available to track the robot's runtime, location and disinfection history.
  • UVC Disinfection Cart: This modular cart can easily be positioned into a room or space and will provide air and surface disinfection quickly and effectively. It’s unique one of a kind modular design allows the operator to position the lights in a way that can eliminate shadows, making the disinfection process more effective for irregular shaped rooms by  enveloping the entire room in UVC light.  It can disinfect a 36'x36' room in less than 20 minutes.  Smaller rooms, such as 12'x12' will be disinfected in a little as 8 minutes. Built in motion sensors and operation from a remote controlled tablet ensure safe operation. Intelligent controls allow for usage data to be reported and viewed via the web to track your disinfection results.
  • UVC Disinfection Cabinet: Designed for a variety of items including laptops, tablets, office supplies and medical instruments, this cabinet quickly and safely disinfects up to 30 electronic devices in just a few minutes. UVC light provides powerful disinfection capabilities without fear of damaging displays or electronics. The cabinet is available with or without device charging capability and can be easily modified to disinfect other objects. Typical disinfection time is 4 minutes.  Built-in safety measures prevent any possible exposure to UVC light while the system is in use. 
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